Real Estate License Requirements

How to Become a Real estate Agent in New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) oversees the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (REC). The Commission, whose office is in Trenton, New Jersey, was created in 1921 to administer and enforce the real estate licensing law within the state. New Jersey has approximately 83,850 real estate salespersons and 7,900 real estate brokers.

The license applications for all real estate agents require full disclosure of any crimes, misdemeanors, criminal accusations, child support problems, and whether the applicant has ever had a real state license revoked, suspended or denied in any state. Applicants need to provide proof that they are either U.S. citizens or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence. Applicants must apply for their examination and license within one year of completion of their education courses. New Jersey does not have reciprocity agreements with any other states.

Take the 75 hour pre-licensing class at an approved and licensed school. Career Path Academy is a licensed school approved by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission to conduct NJ real estate salesperson prelicensure courses, broker courses and continuing education classes to meet the real estate licensing requirements in New Jersey.

New Jersey real estate licenses are issued for two year periods that ends on June 30th.
License renewal fees for real estate brokers is $200.00 and for a real estate salesperson the fee is $100.00, the cost for new licensees is $160. The NJ Real Estate Commission website publishes the most recent NJ real estate license fee schedule online here.

The REC publishes most but not all of their forms online here.

Salesperson Licensing Requirements

The New Jersey Real Estate Commission License Requirements are:

  • Attend the 75 hours license class program Waiver of Education Criteria for Salesperson
  • A 70% grade or more to pass the state exam of 110 Questions
  • A high school education or G.E.D. – Additional Education Q&A info
  • 18 or older at the time of the exam
  • 2 current forms of ID with a signature (one with a photo)
  • Get Fingerprinted (even if you recently were for another job must have redone)
  • New Jersey Does NOT have reciprocity with any state meaning you can’t just transfer your license here.

Can I Get a Real Estate License in NJ? Notice on Character-based Qualifications for Licensure (prior convictions, revocations of professional licenses, etc.)

eHomeOffer Academy provides you with the requirements and knowledge to pass your New Jersey real estate licensing exam so you can begin your new exciting career as a real estate salesperson. We are here to help you get started on a path to a great rewarding career Full or Part time or to help you get licensed if you would like to start earning extra money as a referral agent where you don’t actually work as an agent, just refer people who you know are looking to buy or sell real estate and then get paid when they enter into a transaction and close.

After You Finish School and Pass the School Exam…

Other costs for initially getting your real estate license:

After completing school you have up to one (1) year from your graduation date to get finger printed and take the state licensing exam. After that you have up to one (1) year to activate your license with a real estate broker or you will have to restart the process to get your license again. An real estate salesperson and broker salesperson must be affiliated with a broker and cannot operate on their own independently of the broker whom is responsible for overseeing them. READ THIS NOTICE FROM NJ REAL ESTATE COMMISSION FOR GRADUATES

How to Schedule an Appointment for Fingerprinting

Prior to contacting MorphoTrust, each candidate MUST complete the appropriate Universal Form (IDG_NJAPP_110113) depending upon the license type they are seeking. The Real Estate Commission issues licenses to Real Estate Salespersons, Real Estate Broker/Salespersons, Real Estate Brokers, Referral Agents, Real Estate Instructors and Real Estate Schools.

  • Real Estate Salesperson, Broker-Salesperson, Broker, Referral Agent – Universal Form (IDG_NJAPP_110113)
  • Real Estate Instructor – Universal Form (IDG_NJAPP_110113)
  • Director/Principal of Real Estate School – Universal Form (IDG_NJAPP_110113)

Appointment scheduling is available via the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Department encourages everyone to schedule their appointment using the MorphoTrust web site to avoid telephone holding times.

For applicants who do not have internet access, appointments are available through the toll-free call center at 1-877-503-5981 on a first call, first served basis Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. Hearing impaired scheduling is available at 1-800-673-0353. English and Spanish operators are available through the Call Center.
Warning, it is a nightmare getting them on the phone.