How to Become a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey

Follow the steps below to become a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey.

Step 1

Take the 75 hour pre-licensing class at an approved and licensed school such as eHomeoffer Academy.

Step 2

Pass the school exam with a 70% minimum grade.

Step 3

You have up to (1) year from your graduation date to get fingerprinted and take the state licensing exam. After that you have up to (1) year to activate your license with a real estate broker or you will have to restart the process to get your license again. A real estate salesperson and broker salesperson must be affiliated with a broker and cannot operate on their own independently of the broker whom is responsible for overseeing them. Read this notice from the NJ Real Estate Commission for school graduates.

Step 4

Schedule and pass the state exam, of 110 questions, with a 70% minimum grade. The test is $45 for each attempt and there’s no limit on the amount of times you can take the state test. You can register here.

Step 5

Once you pass the exam you will be required to sign a form on which your answers to the screening questions will appear. By signing that form you will certify to the Commission that those answers are truthful and accurate. THAT FORM IS PART OF YOUR APPLICATION FOR A LICENSE. Providing false information in response to a screening question is grounds for the denial of your application and for the suspension or revocation of any license issued to you, and the imposition of substantial fines.

Step 6

Next step is the fingerprinting process.