Frequently Asked Questions

A: We recommend that you take the state test as soon as possible after completing the course and the information is fresh but you have 1 year from the time you complete the class to take your state test, get fingerprinted, complete background check and hang your license with a broker.

A: You can retake the state test in accordance with the testing centers availability. If you do not pass the test and hang your license within a 1 year period, then you must retake the course.

A: You may fail the school exam up to 3 times. If not successfully passed by the 3rd attempt, you must re-enroll (at ½ tuition price) and complete the course again.

A: You can make it up on a regularly scheduled class day. Keep in mind that you are allowed to miss up to 20% of the class time-this includes any time that you leave early or arrive late.

A: Yes, but we ask that you please clean up after yourself.

A: Your textbook, a notebook, highlighter and calculator.

A: If classes are cancelled, due to inclement weather, an email will be sent out as soon as the determination is made.

A: Sign up for state exam -